LiteGraph Shader Language, aka. LGSL

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LiteGraph Shader Language, aka. LGSL

Post by dark_sylinc » Mon Oct 28, 2013 10:30 pm

It has just been called to my attention the existence of an open source project called LGSL.

I don't have experience at all with it, it seems it's a bit in its in infancy, but it looks like a promising alternative to Cg (and to be honest... GLSL). We should keep an eye on it. And a plugin is definitively welcomed.

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Re: LiteGraph Shader Language, aka. LGSL

Post by scrawl » Mon Nov 25, 2013 2:47 am

This is exactly what we need.
Unfortunately, I don't see it taking off unless there's a big company or a similar kind of support behind it.
Of course I'll be happy if I'm proven wrong.

I also have to wonder why they went for a "close enough" instead of full CG/HLSL compatibility. That isn't going to help with adoption.
And a plugin is definitively welcomed.
I don't see this becoming a plugin anytime soon - in its current state, it isn't useful at all. There's no install rules or build systems. How is it supposed to be packaged? We can't just stuff everything into the Ogre repo.

and to be honest... GLSL
This is really a point of view question. I find myself using GLSL more, and porting something to HLSL always makes me cringe. Why is there no equivalent to GLSL's varying? Its supposed to be high level, damnit :x Manually packing everything into texcoord's becomes hell once you have an unpredictable number of passthroughs. What I ended up doing was just adding a macro to my shader preprocessor to emulate the GLSL varyings.
The mess with the different profiles also pisses me off..
What I do have to complain about is that there's no universal GLSL compiler, causing possibly varied results when trying a shader on different hardware. Running it through a shader validator helps though.
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