Ogre 2.0 release discussion

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Re: Ogre 2.0 release discussion

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Kojack wrote:
nickG wrote:what is it "CTP"?

2.0 is ready for using?
Community Technology Preview.

CTPs implement a set of features of a project so the public can test and evaluate them. There may be multiple CTPs, each implementing new features.

Current 2.0 runs pretty well. I haven't done much with it yet, but I've started using it instead of 1.9 now. But there's still many things on the way for it, it's not ready for an official release yet.
I was just going to ask if it was ready to use. But it sounds like it is not.

With that said - Is there an ETA on when 2.0 will be ready?

Just curious :)

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Re: Ogre 2.0 release discussion

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Ogre 2.0 is not ready for production use yet. But feel free to give it a first whirl to get used to it and give feedback.

Regarding an ETA: Nothing stable yet we can tell you. But we are planning on soon providing additional information.
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