Future of the open source Particle Universe plugin

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Future of the open source Particle Universe plugin

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Hi all,

If this is not the correct forum for a discussion about this, feel free to move it :)

I’m currently working on replacing Ogre’s build in particle plugin with the recently open sourced version of Particle Universe.
I have modified it to include a Cylinder particle emitter. The code currently is on my github account: https://github.com/fusion44/particleuniverse
But this raises a few questions like the best repository to put it or who might assist with releases. No one has tested the latest code of the plugin on a MAC.
I suppose there are some CMAKE file corrections that have to be done for that platform.

PU is quite a beast and I think it may be the best to sync releases with Ogre to ease the work for package maintainers. Maybe move the official repository to Ogre’s Bitbucket repository?

Any input is appreciated. Thank you!
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