DirectX12 will 65% of graphics cards currently in circulati

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DirectX12 will 65% of graphics cards currently in circulati

Post by Lee04 »

"As part of the 337.50 beta driver announcement, Nvidia also spoke to journalists about DirectX 12. The company basically reiterated what we already knew: DX12 will be supported by all Maxwell, Kepler, and Fermi GPUs — or, in other words, about 65% of graphics cards currently in circulation."
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Re: DirectX12 will 65% of graphics cards currently in circu

Post by dark_sylinc »

If you're trying to convince me to do DX12 work, don't. I'm already excited about it.

We're first focusing on GL3+ for strategic reasons: the differences between GL4 and D3D12 are slim, plus our VAO manager and the Command Buffer in 2.0 is meant to work at its fullest with GL4 and D3D12; and with that we can focus on mobile as well, plus Linux and Mac (mostly Linux, because Mac's GL support is depressing).
D3D12 has an edge on multithreading compared to GL4 and we need to aim the least common denominator (plus D3D12 has better multicard support*), but well... nothing's perfect in life. The jump in performance and quality from 1.9 to 2.0 Final is already going to be massive.

PS. Nvidia does seem to be a bit optimistic about the numbers though. Basically almost any D3D11 card will be D3D12. Look at the D3D11 hardware stats out there and take your conclussions.

* Assaf is probably going to deal with the multicard support. He's been doing wonderful job in D3D11 (and he needs the feature)

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