Progressive meshes for continuous level-of-detail

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Progressive meshes for continuous level-of-detail

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I would like to write a simple implementation for parallel continuous level-of-detail with progressive meshes as a lab exercise. It should include some basic LOD features and be well integrated into the render engine and easily extensible. The implementation follows the method described in the paper "Parallel view-dependent level-of-detail control" by Hu, Sanders and Hoppe (2010) which is available here: ... oj/pvdlod/

So far I have already written a C++ program that can selectively refine and coarsen a progressive mesh in an arbitrary number of steps. The output is currently text-only and the resulting mesh is stored as a 3D model. As a next step I want to use the code with Ogre so the meshes can be updated and rendered in Ogre scenes.

For that I would like to get some feedback on how to implement this. The Ogre::Mesh class seems to be a good base for a ProgressiveMesh subclass. The PM data could be loaded from a file as a kind of resource and stored as a set of static vertex buffer objects. Each instance of the mesh would then update its active representation using some geometry and vertex shaders.

The main parts I think are:
a) a resource that reads PMs from file and creates static buffers
b) a subclass of Entity for PMs that runs shaders and passes geometry to renderer
c) shaders for the Entity subclass

If there is some example or documentation you can recommend that might be helpful I would appreciate it.


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Re: Progressive meshes for continuous level-of-detail

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in case you did'nt notice, ogre has a progressive mesh class and example( in the sampleBrowser )
since i don't know how its done with OgreProgressiveMesh youl'e have to dig in the code and find if it fits your needs..
anyway i'd recommend skipping the lodGenerate->textFile->ogreMesh procedure and do lodGenerate->ogreMesh directly unless you want it to be a non-ogre specific tool...
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coolest videos link( two minutes paper )...

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