Develop Demo whit Ogre and OpenVR for the Vive

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Develop Demo whit Ogre and OpenVR for the Vive

Post by AltesToast » Tue May 17, 2016 11:00 pm


I'm trying to write a demo whit Ogre and OpenVR.
I tock this project as a template.

It helped me a lot but I still have a lot of problems.
Especially because this is my first project whit Ogre and OpenVR.

Here is a list of things I Know of I still have to do or have problems with.
1. Convert the Projection Matrix and Eye To Head matrix in the Ogre Matrix format.
2. Test if I need the Eye To Head matrix and the splitting of the screen ( I'm not sure if I have done this right so far but this is best tested when the demo is running so I will test this later).
3. Compositor on this part I'm a bit clueless. The OpenVR documentation says me I should have a loop that does the following things
while Running:
Render Left and Right cameras
Submit Left and Right render targets
Update game logic
I think I have to do this whit the Compositor but I am neither sure of this nor do I have a clue how to do this.
Read more about that at: ... r_Overview
4. write the actual demo (should be fairly easy when the stuff whit OpenVR is done)
5. add vive/OpenVR controller support ( including ways to change there appearance in the game ) In my understanding OpenVR renders them by itself and I have to give it the model.
6. Make everything work on Windows it seams like OpenVR is currently not working on linux ( this should change soon though ). My first attempt was on Windows but so far I couldn’t make it work.

I would be very happy if I would get some help.
Here is the link to the project:
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