D3D11 render texture formats

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D3D11 render texture formats

Post by bishopnator »

I tried to use PF_R32_UINT as render texture format and Ogre didn't map this value properly to D3D11's DXGI_FORMAT_R32_UINT - I see also a lot of other formats missing in D3D11Mappings::_getClosestSupportedPF and D3D11Mappings::_getPF - is it intentional or bug? Are there some problems with compatibility between different GPUs?

I am playing with pixel shaders to output primitive ID (uint) to texture directly.

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Re: D3D11 render texture formats

Post by paroj »

this is a bug. Pixel format conversions in Ogre were messed up a lot. I am slowly working through it, but pull requests are very welcome here.

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