Stepping in to plugins in Xcode 10

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Stepping in to plugins in Xcode 10

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I have an issue in 1.12 where ManualObject::end() is not setting mCurrentSection = 0 and therefore the next call to ManualObject::begin() fails. This bug appears to have arisen with either Xcode 10 or Ogre 1.12, not yet sure which one.

In attempting to debug this in Xcode I am unable to "step into" the Ogre code. This is with Xcode 10.3 and I'm pretty sure I've been able to do this before with previous versions. Just to make sure it wasn't just my code, I tried with the SampleBrowser and Xcode will also not step into a plugin. When an exception is thrown and the debugger stops, Xcode shows disassembly, ironically containing the path to the source file, if you select a part of the stack in the plugin's code.

Inspecting the relevant Debug library files using dsymutil -s I can see the source code file name and path listed, which I can't see for the Release files, so I assume that means they have been compiled with -g and have the right debug info.

Anyone know how to make it work properly?

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