Ropes and pulleys in ogre?

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Ropes and pulleys in ogre?

Post by DoomTroopa12 »

I'm usin ogre to provide visual feedback for a 6 dof crane, this crane has a fairly complex pulley system with ropes, has anybody ever attempted to make ropes in ogre?? or in any other system for that matter?

will it be difficult to have a mesh stretch between nodes?

Also as a side note, the material i use on my pulleys shows up all the little surfaces that make up the circle, is there any way to blend it all so they look round and smooth?

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Post by cybereality »

I'm not exactly sure what it is you are trying to do, but let me give a few suggestions. If you are using a physics engine, it is possible to model rope as a series of connected joints. If you need a physically accurate simulation you would want to go with one of the existing physics solutions (like the nxOgre wrapper).

If it doesn't need to be accurate, you can easily fake it. A pulley effect could be done using texture animation on the rope material. For a little more realism you could animate the rope mesh (in max/maya) just undulating a bit and combined with the texture animation it should appear convincing.

Also, if you are getting facets on the polys I believe you just have to smooth the normals before you export it. AFAIK ogre respects smoothing information.

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