Blending Animation States between baked and IK

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Blending Animation States between baked and IK

Post by lucky7456969 » Sat Aug 30, 2014 11:03 am

I try to blend the IK animations generated by OpenTissue and the animation prebaked by the modeller called
Walk, but the final accumulative animations (The final transformation) are very inconsistent.
First the skeleton is controlled by OgreTissue, Next it is controlled by the mAnimState created as "Walk",
The final transformation is seriously deformed. I think of generating a secondary animation state,
but it is difficult because it should be generated from the IK where I don't have anyways to gain access to the keys.
Any ideas I can blend those 2 animations together flawlessly?
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Re: Blending Animation States between baked and IK

Post by dark_sylinc » Mon Sep 08, 2014 8:59 pm

Without even pictures or a video, it's hard to get idea of your problem.

Baking animations means there has to be a sampling rate. Sometimes the problem is that the sampling rate from the baker was set too low.
Another common problem are the quaternions. Try flipping the quaternions' sign. If "walk" animation has certain quaternion and your "idle" animation has the same quaternion but with negative sign; blending those together will perform a 360° spin (also known as longest arc interpolation, as opposed to shortest arc interpolation)
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