List of bones in the Sinbad skeleton

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List of bones in the Sinbad skeleton

Post by Elenthidir » Wed Jan 14, 2015 10:22 am

Good morning!

I was wondering if there is a compelete list of all bones of sinbad? I've searched the internet and this forum but didn't came across such a list.

An image of sinbad with all bone locations and names would be really helpfull.

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Re: List of bones in the Sinbad skeleton

Post by Kojack » Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:45 am

The program OgreMeshy can show the bones over the model. It also lists the bones used in each animation, but that might not be all of them (bones that aren't part of the animation aren't listed).
Here's the bones and their parent from sinbad's xml data:

Code: Select all

    <boneparent bone="Waist" parent="Root" />
    <boneparent bone="Stomach" parent="Waist" />
    <boneparent bone="Chest" parent="Stomach" />
    <boneparent bone="Neck" parent="Chest" />
    <boneparent bone="Head" parent="Neck" />
    <boneparent bone="Jaw" parent="Head" />
    <boneparent bone="LowerLip" parent="Jaw" />
    <boneparent bone="TongueBase" parent="Jaw" />
    <boneparent bone="TongueMid" parent="TongueBase" />
    <boneparent bone="TongueTip" parent="TongueMid" />
    <boneparent bone="UpperLip" parent="Head" />
    <boneparent bone="Cheek.R" parent="Head" />
    <boneparent bone="Cheek.L" parent="Head" />
    <boneparent bone="Brow.R" parent="Head" />
    <boneparent bone="Brow.L" parent="Head" />
    <boneparent bone="Brow.C" parent="Head" />
    <boneparent bone="Eye.L" parent="Head" />
    <boneparent bone="Eye.R" parent="Head" />
    <boneparent bone="Clavicle.L" parent="Chest" />
    <boneparent bone="Humerus.L" parent="Clavicle.L" />
    <boneparent bone="Ulna.L" parent="Humerus.L" />
    <boneparent bone="Hand.L" parent="Ulna.L" />
    <boneparent bone="ThumbProx.L" parent="Hand.L" />
    <boneparent bone="ThumbMed.L" parent="ThumbProx.L" />
    <boneparent bone="ThumbDist.L" parent="ThumbMed.L" />
    <boneparent bone="IndexFingerProx.L" parent="Hand.L" />
    <boneparent bone="IndexFingerMed.L" parent="IndexFingerProx.L" />
    <boneparent bone="IndexFingerDist.L" parent="IndexFingerMed.L" />
    <boneparent bone="MiddleFingerProx.L" parent="Hand.L" />
    <boneparent bone="MiddleFingerMed.L" parent="MiddleFingerProx.L" />
    <boneparent bone="MiddleFingerDist.L" parent="MiddleFingerMed.L" />
    <boneparent bone="RingFingerProx.L" parent="Hand.L" />
    <boneparent bone="RingFingerMed.L" parent="RingFingerProx.L" />
    <boneparent bone="RingFingerDist.L" parent="RingFingerMed.L" />
    <boneparent bone="PinkyProx.L" parent="Hand.L" />
    <boneparent bone="PinkyMed.L" parent="PinkyProx.L" />
    <boneparent bone="PinkyDist.L" parent="PinkyMed.L" />
    <boneparent bone="Handle.L" parent="Hand.L" />
    <boneparent bone="Clavicle.R" parent="Chest" />
    <boneparent bone="Humerus.R" parent="Clavicle.R" />
    <boneparent bone="Ulna.R" parent="Humerus.R" />
    <boneparent bone="Hand.R" parent="Ulna.R" />
    <boneparent bone="ThumbProx.R" parent="Hand.R" />
    <boneparent bone="ThumbMed.R" parent="ThumbProx.R" />
    <boneparent bone="ThumbDist.R" parent="ThumbMed.R" />
    <boneparent bone="IndexFingerProx.R" parent="Hand.R" />
    <boneparent bone="IndexFingerMed.R" parent="IndexFingerProx.R" />
    <boneparent bone="IndexFingerDist.R" parent="IndexFingerMed.R" />
    <boneparent bone="MiddleFingerProx.R" parent="Hand.R" />
    <boneparent bone="MiddleFingerMed.R" parent="MiddleFingerProx.R" />
    <boneparent bone="MiddleFingerDist.R" parent="MiddleFingerMed.R" />
    <boneparent bone="RingFingerProx.R" parent="Hand.R" />
    <boneparent bone="RingFingerMed.R" parent="RingFingerProx.R" />
    <boneparent bone="RingFingerDist.R" parent="RingFingerMed.R" />
    <boneparent bone="PinkyProx.R" parent="Hand.R" />
    <boneparent bone="PinkyMed.R" parent="PinkyProx.R" />
    <boneparent bone="PinkyDist.R" parent="PinkyMed.R" />
    <boneparent bone="Handle.R" parent="Hand.R" />
    <boneparent bone="Sheath.L" parent="Chest" />
    <boneparent bone="Sheath.R" parent="Chest" />
    <boneparent bone="Thigh.L" parent="Root" />
    <boneparent bone="Calf.L" parent="Thigh.L" />
    <boneparent bone="Foot.L" parent="Calf.L" />
    <boneparent bone="Toe.L" parent="Foot.L" />
    <boneparent bone="Thigh.R" parent="Root" />
    <boneparent bone="Calf.R" parent="Thigh.R" />
    <boneparent bone="Foot.R" parent="Calf.R" />
    <boneparent bone="Toe.R" parent="Foot.R" />
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Re: List of bones in the Sinbad skeleton

Post by Elenthidir » Wed Jan 14, 2015 1:44 pm

Thank you very much.
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