Bug scaling composited objects?

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Bug scaling composited objects?

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I'm working in a project that uses "composite" meshes to model human characters. Basically we have a mesh for the body and other for the hair, each of them having its own skeleton, like

mBody = mSceneMgr->createEntity("char\\body", "body.mesh");
mHair = mSceneMgr->createEntity("char\\hair", "hair.mesh");
mBody->attachObjectToBone("Bip01 Head", mHair, Quaternion::ZERO);

I bend both entities using Entity::attachObjectToBone, and now i'm having a weird behaviour when scaling the OgreNode associated with the entity. Basically it scales only the "body" part of the object, the hair mesh remains the same, even when it IS synchronized with the body animation like it should.

What is worse, the hair is culled from the render like it should be if the mesh where scaled as i intend, ie, the hair is NOT rendered unless the head is visible to the camera :shock:

It looks like a bug, but if I'm mistaken and this can be achieved using a different procedure I would appreciated any suggestions.

Thanks in advance

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