Ogre + enet? Ogre + RakNet?

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Ogre + enet? Ogre + RakNet?

Post by retron »

Which framework do you guys prefer? Is there any tutorial on the topic?

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Re: Ogre + enet? Ogre + RakNet?

Post by Klaim »

I prefer RakNet because it's (as far as I know) higher level abstraction for networking and specialized in solving games problems (and doing so in a lot of commercial games).

However, I didn't try enet so I don't have practice with it.

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Re: Ogre + enet? Ogre + RakNet?

Post by areay »

I use enet. There aren't any tutorials for it, the demo shows you how to set it up and create a server app and a client app. After that point it's all up to you to create the messages that will define the state changes in your game. enet won't do anything for you apart from providing reliable UDP and doing some bandwidth management. enet is not designed for games like raknet is. It's a very thin abstraction around UDP, similar to what Ogre3D is to games compared to Unity3d.

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Re: Ogre + enet? Ogre + RakNet?

Post by NotCamelCase »

I used Photon and it was pure joy. Super easy, nice tutorials & demos so if you're looking for something not so low-level, I suggest give it a look. I used the free indie something license and didn't use my own server but server configuration is also easy.
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