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Writing a game...have questions....

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2005 7:21 am
by computerwhiz
Hey everyone!

In response to this thread (, thanks for all of your help! We ended up deciding to go with Axiom because we didn't want the hassle of dealing with

The game wasn't finished when we turned it in, but we could shoot a flaming projectile (which impressed our professor.) Ended up having to do a simple physics engine that only implemented gravity.

My development team is talking about finishing development on this game for our senior design project. We fully plan to use Ogre and OgreODE with it.

Got a few more questions though:

1) The game will have both outdoor and indoor elements in it. What scene renderer would you recommend? Can I use the ocTree manager for outdoors, then once I enter the indoor portion, switch to the BSP manager? Basically, I want a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors (no

2) How easy is it to use Crazy Ed's GUI library?

3) I currently have TrueSpace 5.2, and have access to Discreet 3DSMax and Autodesk Inventor. Which would you think would be better for designing our maps in? (I'm also working on a TrueSpace exporter. using their SDK....anyone know where I can get the Ogre mesh XML spec?)

4) After our maps are designed, how do we get them into Ogre? Is this where we should consider using the dotscenemanager for our maps?

Again, thanks for all of your help!

(Oh, and help all them people out there that don't have a 3D modeler, Caligari released TrueSpace 3.2 for free! ... efault.asp)