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Mesh casting texture-shadows to BSP world geometry

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 5:02 pm
by gabriele_scibilia
I'm just experimenting using BSP scenes and shadows, I already learn that setFarClipDistance doesn't work with stencil-based approach (I see the explanation in forums) and I'm guessing if I can use texture-based shadows and BSP.
I'm working on BSP example (or BSP_Collision) enabling a Spotlight (as Omni lights doesn't work as stated in Ogre SDK docs) but the shadow disappear.
While using BSP world geometry is stencil shadows available only?


Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 11:29 pm
by sinbad
Yes - texture shadows require a re-rendering of the receiving geometry which BSPSceneManager does not currently support for world geometry.