Error loading .skeleton file

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Error loading .skeleton file

Post by marco.c »


Exporting a .mesh.xml file with the OgreXMLConverter, I got this error message.
Skeleton: Loading JudyTest.skeleton
Unable to load skeleton JudyTest.skeleton for Mesh conversion. This Mesh will not be animated. You can ignore this message if you are using an fooline tool.
XMLMeshSerializer import successful.
I have already exported the .skeleton.xml file, but something doesn't work when I try with the .mesh.xml file.
Does anybody know where this file is expected to be?
Actually, I get the mesh converted, but I'd like to fix it anyway.

Thanks a lot.

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Post by sinbad »

The clue is in the:
"You can ignore this message if you are using an offline tool."
It's harmless - an exception that is caught and handled.

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