Ogre3D + SLikeNet (a RakNet fork)

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Ogre3D + SLikeNet (a RakNet fork)

Post by Luke1410 »

About 2 weeks ago we released a new network engine called SLikeNet [1/2]. SLikeNet is in principle a continuation/fork of the (discontinued) RakNet network engine.

RakNet contained two sample projects utilizing Ogre3D. These are also integrated in SLikeNet.
We'd like to state our gratitude for the work the team behind Ogre3D put into their engine here and hope to see Ogre3D to thrive for many more years to come.

If you have any question or need support regarding the integration of SLikeNet/RakNet into your Ogre3D-based game don't hesitate to either drop a line here in this thread or head over to the forum we set up [3]. While we do develop SLikeNet, we will also do our best to answer any question which is specific to RakNet (or a different RakNet fork).

[1] https://www.slikenet.com/
[2] https://github.com/SLikeSoft/SLikeNet
[3] https://www.slikesoft.com/forum/

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Re: Ogre3D + SLikeNet (a RakNet fork)

Post by DarwinAnim8or »

This is amazing.
I've used RakNet for years on several projects and was sad to see it get discontinued.

I've recently been thinking about making a new project with Ogre 2.1, RakNet and a few other libs so I'm really glad to see there's still others out there that are also interested in RakNet!

Thank you for continuing it!

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