Good basic framework/framework features

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Good basic framework/framework features

Post by RisaStenr » Mon Jul 09, 2018 12:26 am

Hello, I am just getting started with Ogre and I was wondering if anyone knew of any links to any good C++ application frameworks? I am currently integrating CEGUI and v1.11 into the but it is pretty old, though it has some neat features. I did a google search but not many frameworks came up. Originally I was going to use the QMLOgre framework so I could use QML for the interface, but I decided to see what Ogre could do with just CEGUI. Thoughts on that are appreciated as well.

Another question is should I be using the OgreBites ApplicationContext as a framework? I can tell a lot of work went into it but it seems like it would be better to make my own to learn/customize what I want.

Also, post any features of frameworks you've made that you found useful! I am just starting so I really have no idea what useful features would look like. :oops:
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