PBR in ogre 1.1

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PBR in ogre 1.1

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Hello! Does anyone know, is there PBR support for ogre 1.1? As I understood from wiki and docs, it is supported by shaders, but for using them a model should contain some overriden params for a particular shader in its .material script. But I didn't find any tool to generate these pbr-supporting-material-scripts for ogre 1.1. How could the process of creating such models be simplified from hand-writing these .material scripts?

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Re: PBR in ogre 1.1

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there is only rudimentary support of PBR in Ogre1 - deriving from a custom shader material as you already discovered. However even with Ogre2/ HLMS I am not aware of an end-to-end PBR exporter pipeline.
You could extend the RTSS to use a different lighting model, giving the material properties a different meaning as outlined ("Energy conserving reflections") here:
https://www.ogre3d.org/2018/12/20/ogre- ... al-release

however then things would look very different in Ogre than they would in e.g. Blender. Some (most?) Ogre2 users are storing their assets as glTF2 and convert the materials on the fly at loading time.

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