v1.12.1 android sdk and google vr sdk

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v1.12.1 android sdk and google vr sdk

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Dear All,

Recently, I successfully build and run the
"OGRE 1.12.1 Android SDK" in an Android phone.

I did some modification in the BasicSample.java in order to move the camera by the accelerometer sensor and it works perfectly.

Now, I would like to step toward to use "OGRE 1.12.1 Android SDK" with the google vr sdk for rendering on cardboard.

I found a solution on github

I just would like to ask, is it a proper solution for "OGRE 1.12.1 Android SDK" and for the latest google vr sdk?
I mean following the above mentioned code and replace the ogre specific calls to "OGRE 1.12.1 Android SDK" calls
and using it with the latest google vr sdk will led to a proper implementation?

Thank you

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Re: v1.12.1 android sdk and google vr sdk

Post by paroj »

It is probably best to Open an issue at that Github Project to ask about its status

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