OgreMemoryManager -- stubborn isn't it? :)

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OgreMemoryManager -- stubborn isn't it? :)

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OpenTNL really seems to have an issue with the OgreMemoryManager.

I've wrapped all my OpenTNL includes in OgreNoMemoryMacros.h & OgreMemoryMacros.h, with OgreMemoryManager.h as suggested elsewhere in the forums. I even put a #pragma message in there to make sure _Ogre_H_ isn't defined at the time, to ensure OgreMemoryManager hasn't already been included.

BUT, OpenTNL's allocations still go through OgreMemoryManager (annoying!), and then when OpenTNL deletes, OgreMemoryManager complains that memory beyond the allocation has been modified. This may be a legitimate issue, but perhaps OpenTNL is doing some voodoo there that OgreMemoryManager doesn't like.

I don't want to completely disable the OgreMemoryManager, because it is quite handy for reporting leaks in my graphics code.

I'll drop a message on the OpenTNL forums as well, maybe the overrun is a real problem, but I suspect its just the two APIs not getting along.

Does anybody have any more suggestions on how I can ensure the OgreMemoryManager isn't used by OpenTNL?

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