Export skeleton from 3dmax

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There will be a new 3DSMAX exporter soon http://www.ogre3d.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=11520

You can also try the DotScene series of plugins and tools.

Or perhaps someone can help you get enough info out of 3DSMAX with the existing script based simple exporter...
- Bonta (eveonline:Dentad)

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Re: Export skeleton from 3dmax

Post by xavier »

evil_sarah wrote:hi,
i'm new in using ogre. i'm using 3dmax7. i have a mesh and i'm using bones manually. i've tried exporting to ogre, but when i put into ogre or using meshviewer, some parts of the object seems like not attached properly. it's kind of like when you don't include all the vertices when using envelope in 3dmax, and that part is just sort of being pulled out.
Not precisely familiar with Max, but I don't exactly understand. Do only parts of the mesh animate? Or is it not exporting all the mesh?

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