Terrain Design: Questions

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Terrain Design: Questions

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I am currently developing a massive terrain but before i can go much further with it i need to know exactly what i can do..

Basically i am sculpting the entire thing in Blender (2.5x) and as it currently stands i have modelled it in a way that could be exported as a heightmap (this seems to pretty much be the standard method for creating outdoor terrains) it has been sculpted using a subdivided array of tiles 20x20 tiles, 64x64 faces per tile.

I need to know if its possible to splat textures onto mesh based terrain?

If so, what are the methods of doing it? And would i still be able to somehow splat textures onto the terrain meshes if i adjusted them so that i have overhanging cliffs and cave entrances etc?

If splatting will not be possible with these kind of adjustments, can anyone suggest any other way that i might be able to go about texturing the terrain meshes?

Ultimately, i just dont want to have yet another generic heightmap based terrain if i can possibly avoid it :)
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