Maya Ogre Exporter all versions 32 & 64bit

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Maya Ogre Exporter all versions 32 & 64bit

Post by Filmakademie »

Dear Ogre Community,
one of our students (Marcel Reinhard) did extend the original Maya Ogre Exporter code from Francesco Giordana.

  • support for all Maya versions (8.5 and higher) 32 & 64 bit (windows)
  • convenient installer & uninstaller routine
  • Maya mel gui improvements
  • load and save of export presets in seperate files
  • UV Scaling to fix UV precision problem (see thread)
  • optimize pose animation
  • clip length export for anim clips
  • export of additional camera information
  • joint shear (non-uniform scale) warning (see thread)
You can download the installer here.
Find additional information on our wiki page.
This installer will be updated as new Maya versions are released.


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Re: Maya Ogre Exporter all versions 32 & 64bit

Post by metaldev »

oh great!

thank you for this.

In fact, I had encountered the non-uniform bone scaling issue in a past project.
I solved it by converting the entire animation to blend targets - obviously i would have liked to avoid this, but it took a while even to figure out what was going wrong.

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Re: Maya Ogre Exporter all versions 32 & 64bit

Post by hhung516 »

Hi! OP at Filmakademie Animation's R&D Lab,

Greetings! I've been trying to use the original Maya Ogre Exporter code from Francesco Giordana with Maya 2010 and 2012 myself for the past week and had no luck with mesh exporting, it crashes when I try to create a mesh.

Is it possible to put me in contact with the author Marcel Reinhard of this work ? I'm really curious about how you guys solved that problem and get it to work with new versions of Maya. It would be so helpful if someone can shed some light :)

Thanks very much!

BTW, I watched the animations you guys did (youtube Herr Hoppe and the Nuclear Waste), they are hilarious!!! LOL

David Huang
Graphics Lab, School of Engineering
University of California, Merced

details of the problem:
source: ... MayaExport
it crashes right at this line inside mesh.cpp

// Construct mesh
Ogre::MeshPtr pMesh = Ogre::MeshManager::getSingleton().createManual(m_name.asChar(),

there is a obsolete project "OgreMain" inside the exporter solution, I'm assuming I could just use the one inside OgreSDK (cg.dll and ogremain.dll under ogre\bin\release)

I've tried with the following two setups:
Ogre 1.7.3 precompiled 32-bit with Maya 2010 32-bit
Ogre 1.7.3 source 64-bit with Maya 2012 64-bit
and they both crash when try to create the mesh.

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