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Art tutorials/documentation

Post by ncorrao »

Hey All!

I am an artist/game developer in the Boston area. We are currently evaluating Ogre for an upcoming project and I was interested in learning more about the art pipeline, specifically within the realm of 3Ds Max. I do have some specific questions after having played around with Ogre for a day or two, but first I'd just like to ask about some general things.

The Ogre Demos (in 1.7.0 SDK) are nice, and I would love to get some techinical information on do's and don'ts/good practices for creating art assets and how to establish our art pipeline.

Could I get some recommendations from other artists on good resources to check out? Does the SDK include this in the documentation somewhere and I just missed it?

Thank you for any responses. Looking forward to working with this community going forward ;)


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Re: Art tutorials/documentation

Post by spacegaier »

First of all: Welcome :) !

I assume you already had a look at and some other 3DS Max related Ogre wiki pages such as: ... ture=Tools ... ture=Tools ... ture=Tools

The Ogre manual (can be found online and in the SDK documentation) explains Ogre's material system and some central tools (most importantly OgreXMLConverter). Apart from that the many, many forum threads regarding various artist topics should help as well as wiki articles. Any further questions, just ask here.
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