3d max to ogre alignment

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3d max to ogre alignment

Post by JohnBoyMan »

Hello. I am trying to export things from 3d max, i'm not very good at it. I find that when I export stuff its never centered. For example i have a simple cube ad i'm trying to export it with ogre max. I know its not aligned with the ogre world because when i spawn an object at a position,its not centered on that position. In 3d max i have the cube centered in the 3d max grid. I dont understand. whats the center in 3d max? and or how would i center and object so that its centered after i export it in 3d max thanks?

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Re: 3d max to ogre alignment

Post by metaldev »

you might have local transforms on your cube. Make sure you reset transforms on the cube and collapse the stack of the cube before exporting. Hope this helps.

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