Ryzom Character to Ogre3D?

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Ryzom Character to Ogre3D?

Post by Herb »

Been trying to figure out how to get the Ryzom characters with animations into an Ogre mesh format. :? Has anybody had any luck with this? I'm able to get models out (without skeletons/animations). I'm not very familiar with 3ds max and the models seem to be in an older format, which are probably my main hurdles. I use Milkshape/Fragmotion as well, so I'm tried exporting to FBX and 3ds (which those tools can import), but no luck with the animation part.... NeoAxis has a 3ds Max exporter, but get an error exporting saying that I don't have a skin modifier set. I read something about the models using a different type of modifier, but that's about the extend I know. Anyway, if someone could shed some light on this, I'd appreciate it. :) Thanks!

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Re: Ryzom Character to Ogre3D?

Post by dragutux »

Hello, pm me, i have worked with 3ds max rigging & exporting for ogre, i can give you advice. i also got skype : tuxedo67000.

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