alpha export from softimage

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alpha export from softimage

Post by arielyomer »

I have 2 questions
1. How do I use an image when using the OgreMaxMaterial (where do I plug it in?), and if it has alpha, is it automatically defined?
2. When using a regular phong material, how do i export transperancy which is defined by a PNG/TGA image? The exported material file doesnt show it...

Thanks in advace

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Re: alpha export from softimage

Post by nedelman »

1)It plugs into the real-time input of a material: ... erial.html
2)OgreMax doesn't detect whether a standard image contains alpha since there is no (apparent) way to do this with the Softimage API. Other versions of OgreMax do have this capability though. - Ogre3D Scene Exporter for 3DS Max, Maya, and Softimage - My LinkedIn Profile

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