Will this facial rig work fine in Ogre3D ?

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Will this facial rig work fine in Ogre3D ?

Post by progmars »

I like the idea about facial rigs with bones instead of morphs/shapekeys. Something like this one:
http://cgcookie.com/blender/2009/11/16/ ... -face-rig/
It seems easier to manage just one kind of animation, if I use bones for both the body and the face. Facial animations are a very important part of my current project. I don't need animations to be natural but I need them to be as universal as possible, so I can easy apply the same rig and face animation poses to various human body meshes and also mix facial animations in-game to create some unexpected expressions (like yawn with eyes wide open :lol: ).

But I am not sure, how efficient will it be with Ogre3D and graphic cards. Will I benefit from such a facial rig or I should better stick with old morphs/shapekeys for facial animations?
What are the main drawbacks for this approach (compared to morphs)?

If someone has tried to use a similar facial rig in Ogre3D, I would be grateful to hear about your experience.

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Re: Will this facial rig work fine in Ogre3D ?

Post by madmarx »

I prefer skeleton animation for facials, it is often superior quality.
Careful then when you use them for facial : often, prefer to 'add' the animation, not to 'blend' them (as this is often the case with body skeleton animation).
For ogre, it's better to have only 1 hierachy for the whole body + head, and no loops.
Tutorials + Ogre searchable API + more for Ogre1.7 : http://sourceforge.net/projects/so3dtools/
Corresponding thread : http://www.ogre3d.org/forums/viewtopic. ... 93&start=0

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