OgerMax Export Skeleton + Morpher Crashes 3dsmax HELP

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OgerMax Export Skeleton + Morpher Crashes 3dsmax HELP

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I am new to ogre3d and would really like some help with this issue. Basically I bought a model that comes with morph targets, materials and mesh so not rigged. I Have successfully exported the morphs and a CAT rig animation separately but when i try to export an animation that contains morphs and skeleton animation together 3ds max crashes. I am using ogreMax exporter newest download i believe and 2013 3dsmax. I believe that this issue has to do with the stack of the models modifiers. it is set up like this


Could someone please explain to me how to export it correctly, or a better exporter, or link me something that explains it. I have already looked all over google for solutions but came up with non that worked. Thank you all for future help! I can post more info if needed


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Re: OgerMax Export Skeleton + Morpher Crashes 3dsmax HELP

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At the export phase , just scroll up to the first line and you will see a message telling you that Morpher or Skin must be the topmost layer in the stack .

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