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Sinbad.blend content

Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2012 10:02 pm
by pwr00
I'm using Sinbad as a placeholder for a character in my game. I need to scale the mesh down so it fits with the rest of the meshes that I use. I've opened the Sinbad.blend and tried to export it with blender2ogre. The thing is that I can only find two animations in the project, jumpstart and RunTop. I'm not that good at Blender. But shouldn't there be more animations? Or are only these two animations included in the project that is comming with the ogre source? Would be nice if someone could tell me if that is the case, so I can stop looking for ways of displaying all the other animations if there are no more animations than those two.

I guess it's quite obvious that I have problems exporting the Sinbad.blend with blende2ogre, so it would also be nice if someone could tell me if they have succeeded exporting Sinbad.blend with blender2ogre (Blender2.6 and blender2ogre 0.5.5).

Re: Sinbad.blend content

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 8:17 am
by Demarii
I took a look at the file for you. There are more animation tracks in the sinbad.blend but only two of them are setup as NLA tracks. You just need to open the action editor, select each set of tracks and then turn those into individual NLA tracks so that the exporter can turn them into animation tracks. There are a number of tutorials on youtube/vimeo which go into detail how to do this.

They are... Dance, Drawswords, Hands Closed/Relaxed, Idle Base/Top, Jump End/Loop/Start, and Run Base

I have not tried exporting the character but I see nothing in the blend that I see that would not work as intended.

Hope that helps clear things up a little. What animations where you needing for your stand-in?

Re: Sinbad.blend content

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 4:52 pm
by pwr00
Thank you for you reply! I have successfully been able to export the mesh and skeleton now, including the animations, with Blender 2.63a using blender2ogre after adding the other animations to the NLA editor. I had problems with the materials. But I could reuse the old materials. So that was not important in my case, since I only had to tweek Sinbad a bit and not the materials.