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MakeHuman Rig for 3ds Max

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 11:54 pm
by James Proctor
First of all I am not a 3D Modeler or animator at all however I am in need of some human models with animations... I have MakeHuman so I can create the models no problem. I then export them as a .obj and import them into 3ds max. I found a tutorial on how to rig a Character and I got a basic rig setup that I thought I could use for now however when I go to add some bvh animations the rig completely messes up... the hands end up being stationary way above the character and the body goes all out of shape.

Are there any basic generalized rigs that could be used with the carnegie mellon bvh library of animations or could some one help me get them rigged if I provided the models? I need a Adult male, Adult Female, Child Male and Child Female...

Re: MakeHuman Rig for 3ds Max

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 8:39 am
by duststorm
Try out the latest trunk or nightly release of MakeHuman, it's progressed quite far from the current stable (I hope we can release a new version soon to sync that up a bit).
If you can live with using blender, have a look at the MH Mocap script, it pretty much does what you want automatically (retargetting a CMU rig to one of the MH rigs).
You can always export from blender to 3D MAX after adding mocap animations, of course (for example, using collada as exchange format).

If you want to go the all-MAX way, I still suggest using the latest nightly, and export your character not as obj (where you lose the rig) but export to COLLADA. Choose a rig that fits your uses well. For realtime I generally suggest either "simple" or "game" rig. They are pretty close the the CMU rigs so retargeting should be feasible.