Is Ogremax (for Maya) slow? Export to one mesh with LFA?

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Is Ogremax (for Maya) slow? Export to one mesh with LFA?

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I am currently trying out exporters (with Maya 2012, 64 bit), and I find that Ogremax is incredibly slow when exporting animations.
For two animations on a character, it takes ~10 to 20 minutes... and the resulting animation is even broken, some parts of the mesh are simply missing when animated.

When I export the same mesh & animations with the Ogre Exporter, using the default settings, everything is done in 1-2 seconds and works perfectly well.

Now that would make it an obvious choice not to use Ogremax, but the additional functionality of it to create really good Ogre materials, and parse actual shader & program files (and let the artist define the parameters a shader uses, etc.) are invaluable for our artists and obviously not present in the other exporters.
So, is Ogremax really that slow or did I probably just not check that magical checkbox that enables the fast export of animations (and not breaking them in the process)?

The LFA Scene Manager would be another alternative, but it does not seem to offer the possibility to export every object in a scene into a single *.mesh file, which is something we absolutely need.

Btw. I'm not an artist, so forgive me if I don't see some possibly obvious things within Maya :)
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Re: Is Ogremax (for Maya) slow? Export to one mesh with LFA?

Post by metaldev »

You can export everything into a single .mesh file in LFA.

You have to use 'shared geometry'.

Below is the relevant question in the FAQ:
How do I use "Shared Geometry"?
You can use shared geometry by parenting a mesh with no export parameters to a mesh that does have parameters. The first mesh will export as a submesh of the second.

Example: mesh_A (no parameters), mesh_B (given export parameters)

If mesh_A is parented to mesh_B, it will export as part of mesh_B

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