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OgreMax Character export - separate meshes not lined up

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 1:05 am
by xandos
Hi guys,

I'm trying to export a character into Ogre, using Ogremax. I'm new to the engine - I've searched the forums about this particular problem and looked without joy for broader tutorials - I'm sorry if I've missed something obvious.

The mesh is made up of a few pieces, namely feet, trousers, shirt, torso, hair, eyes, teeth etc. These elements are physiqued, and within max work perfectly. Upon exporting through OgreMax, the different elements are not in the same place, it seems mostly that the deviation in position is vertical, for example the trousers are now around his ankles, hair above his head etc. The elements share pivot points, and have had their transforms reset. (I tried avoiding the issue by attaching the pieces together as one mesh and whilst this fixed the position it has made the pieces look dented, looks like normals stuff.

Could anyone point me to some resources for character export or point out where I might be going wrong? I found a dead link to a video tutorial for character export that seemed ideal...

Sorry for bringing my newbie problems - I have tried to get my head around all of this but don't seem to be getting very far on this issue.

Many thanks for reading!

Re: OgreMax Character export - separate meshes not lined up

Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:58 pm
by xandos
After collapsing as much as possible down, resetting transforms and making all pieces of skinned geometry share the same pivot point, and reskinning the whole thing I got it working. I guess some nasty transforms got stuck under the surface in there somehow (in case someone seeing this post is experiencing the same problem)