Best FBX to Ogre solution?

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Best FBX to Ogre solution?

Post by ogrenoob101 »

I have lots of FBX content to transfer to ogre-- mesh, texture, skeleton, and animations. I don't have MAX or Maya, so how do I get these files into Ogre?

I have had several lessons on Blender, and would prefer to pull the FBX into Blender, but the FBX importer only does mesh and texture right now. Skeletons are randomly deformed, so I can't test the animations at this time.

How are you guys handing FBX? I have also tried Collada and OBJ, but without success. Can Collada be pulled directly into Ogre? The OBJ format breaks the skeleton, and it has to be re-rigged--- wasting the perfectly good skeleton that was in FBX. Not very efficient!

What is the best recommendation for tool flow?


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Re: Best FBX to Ogre solution?

Post by Transporter »

COLLADA and FBX are made by Autodesk. You can try OgreAssimp. Assimp supports FBX and collada. There is also a "new" collada plugin (

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Re: Best FBX to Ogre solution?

Post by Herb »

I've had pretty good luck using Milkshape for converting models (and making them). It has a lot of import model types (including FBX) and can export to Ogre XML (which you can then use the stock OgreXMLConverter to get your mesh and skeleton binary files). It's cheap, but the tool Transporter mentions is free (just haven't used it before).

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Re: Best FBX to Ogre solution?

Post by devel »

You can try Ultimate Unwrap3D to convert FBX to OGRE:

It exports to Ogre XML too, same as Milkshape. Fully supports bones and animation.

It can also import binary Ogre files as a bonus feature.

And has support for dozen of other formats too, including Collada, DirectX, etc...

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Re: Best FBX to Ogre solution?

Post by neopangaia »

FxOgreFBX an awesome tool to export OGRE binary .mesh and .skel files and text materials from FBX source files -

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Re: Best FBX to Ogre solution?

Post by swuth »

I have UV unwrap, but cant seem to find the export to OGRE format. Is this a seperate plugin or something?

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