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[Blender exporter] io_dotscenexp

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I have created another Blender 2.6x compatible exporter.
You may read more about it here: http://rollingpixels.wordpress.com/cate ... -exporter/
The exporter's repository is here: http://bitbucket.org/mdias/blender-dotscenexp/

Please don't expect me to be very active (if at all) at solving bugs you may encounter, much less features you may want added. You should be aware that currently the only purpose of the exporter is to fulfill our project's needs, and things may change as we progress with it. You are encouraged to clone the repository and add your own changes there and share with others.
For example, we are NOT using a "standard" DotScene format, even though it's possible that your current DotScene loaders may be compatible with the output generated by this exporter with little to no modification. It's also possible that "tomorrow" the generated DotScene file is completely different if the need arises.

We are sharing this as is, in the hope that people may find it useful to learn and or modify to their needs.

Future development of the exporter will be available at the repository.

Known issues:
  • The exporter is currently being developed in Linux, and has OgreXMLConverter tool path hardcoded in the "config.py" file. If you use another OS, you should change this path (and add the OS check).
The reasons I didn't use the existing exporter are:
  • The code organization is, IMO, a nightmare
  • The project I'm creating (there's a link in the blog) will have specific needs that not everyone may be interested in
  • Learning experience to create Blender addons

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