3D painting on Ogre format meshes?

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3D painting on Ogre format meshes?

Post by simedj »

Does anyone know of any tools which do 3D painting (painting textures or vertex colors on the 3D model directly) and load .mesh/.scene files directly?

If there isn't such a tool, would it be of any use as a possible open-source project? Or would everybody just get their artists to do this in 3DS/Maya/etc?
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Re: 3D painting on Ogre format meshes?

Post by c6burns »

I have used Mudbox for this. I have a .obj loader as part of our backend for dumping terrain out to Mudbox for paint/sculpt. Mudbox also has integration to Max that can pull out objects right from an open Max scene (and push them back). That might seem convoluted unless max->mudbox->max is already part of your standard workflow, which for me it is ... for characters for example, they get modelled in max, finishing sculpt + paint + map export in mudbox -> brought back to max for animation, etc.

PS - just wait till you get someone who wants to work in motionbuilder after that ... max->mudbox->max->motionbuilder->max->ogre export lol :D

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