Ogremax single file export.

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Ogremax single file export.

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I would like to see ogremax export an entire scene into a single xml file, so there is a 1-1 relationship between the source file ( .3ds, .mb, etc ) file and the exported files. ( you could even IMPORT the .xml into 3dsmax and get everything back )

The reason is to simplify version control.

I like to keep source assets in VC, so I can pull any version from the server, and build it.
For this to work, I need ogre's exported data also in VC ( otherwise, I would need to launch 3dsmax and re-export all my models )

The main problem I have is, artists are constantly modifying scene files, adding / removing objects all the time. Thus, I need to constantly be adding / removing these exported objects from VC.

If there was a 1-1 relationship, i would only need to checkin the .3dsmax + textures, and the exported .xml

The .xml would contain the scene graph. Materials. Animation. Mesh/Vertex/Index data... etc.

Any possibility of this feature?


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