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searching an human's rigged model to export in ogre format

Posted: Wed Aug 20, 2014 8:55 pm
by aeroxr1
Hi !
I'm not using Ogre3d but jpct-ae+bones. I post in this topic because bones provides a script (jmeOgre2Bones) that converts ogre animation format file to bones format(*.bones).
I found many types of human rigged models but all of those when I try to export it from blender to ogre using "Blender26 Ogre Exporter" gives me some warning/error.
Therefore I'm trying to ask at you if you know some simple human rigged model that is easy to export from blender to ogre format :)
(mainly need that the legs are rigged)
Ah I'm using blender 2.66 but I think it isn't the problem of my failed conversion :oops:

Thanks for your answer :)