Asset tools - just curious

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Asset tools - just curious

Post by hall »

I'm at the point where I would like to start adding *real* to ogre. How does one typically get assets into ogre? How do I do the following?

1. Blender to ogre - looks like there's direct export to ogre?
2. Unity to ogre - some type of collada file?
3. Physics meshes to physx/bullet - Is there meta data that I attach to Blender scenes? I'm thinking the ogre exporter would need to hack to get physics data and create my own physics models (not unless it does this already)
4. materials to ogre

Anybody share their experience converting asserts in unity to ogre?



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Re: Asset tools - just curious

Post by Kojack »

It's possible to use a script to export unity meshes to either ogre's xml format (then convert to mesh with the xml converter tool) or ogre's binary mesh directly. I haven't done it myself, but some of my students wrote one so they could use unity as a level editor for ogre (I don't have a copy of it and it was several years ago).

Blender to ogre is easy, there's an exporter plugin for blender.

There's a blender to bullet exporter, bullet has it's own format for physics data.
I know there was a max to physx exporter, but I haven't looked for a blender one.

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