Exporting an animated armature without mesh from Blender

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Exporting an animated armature without mesh from Blender

Post by Alweth »

Hi, I am trying to export a .blend formation animated armature to OgreXML format. The problem I have is that the .blend file doesn't contain any mesh and so, when I do the export, the armature and animation seems to be culled. Does anyone know how I can export the armature with its animation? I would just add the armature to a mesh, but I am a Blender noob, and so when I create a cube and try to add the armature to the cube, the cube still exports without the armature. I know this is a strange request, but I assume it must be pretty easy to do, if only I knew what I am missing. Ideally, I would like to be able to export the file without adding a mesh, but if I have to add a mesh, I can do that.

Uploading .blend files is not allowed by the forum, but I can send anyone the file if they want to look at it.

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Re: Exporting an animated armature without mesh from Blender

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A bit late answer, but better late then never. :)

I am not sure if exporter supports exporting of skeleton only. But to add a simple cube to an existing armature is easy - create a cube next to the armature, be sure you are in object mode, select the cube, then shift-select the armature too, ctrl-P and parent one to the other (probably with empty vertex groups in your case as it doesn't matter). In the end your cube should end up being shown under the armature tree in object browser. Now, if you try to export the scene, both mesh and skeleton xmls should be exported.

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