[PAID] Need interactive character for iOS app

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[PAID] Need interactive character for iOS app

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I'm looking to hire a developer to help with an iOS app. We need an animated 3D character that can utilize a TTS voice, show various emotions, and play some character animations. The iOS app will interface over bluetooth with a device we have developed. It will through 3D animation need to demonstrate to the user how to use the device and then also speak different things based on the data the device sends. We have already developed a crude iOS app that interfaces with the device and displays the data it receives from the device. What we need is someone to take this and make a beautiful interface out of it that will include a 3D animated character.

We are thinking of either utilizing the Ogre-based Smart Body library from http://smartbody.ict.usc.edu/ or another Ogre based engine http://charimation.com/ (Whatever is the easier/better system)

We are probably going to buy the usage rights for a character model from http://www.turbosquid.com/ but we may need to hire an artist as well to help customize and animate it. We will also need an artist that can make a model out of the device for the character to use as a prop for demonstrations.

Please PM me if you are interested in this project and let me know your background, availability, and a quote. If you need more information I'd be happy to answer any detailed questions. Thank you.

For this stage of the project we are just looking at iOS but eventually we will want to expand to Android and Windows PC as well.

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