Looking for experienced Ogre Terrain shader engineer.

A place for employers, project leaders etc to post if they are looking for people to assist with an Ogre-based project. Please only post in this area if you have a _serious_ project proposition for which you already have something to show for.
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Looking for experienced Ogre Terrain shader engineer.

Post by swuth » Sat Jun 27, 2015 1:46 am

The job is to write a tile mapped rendering system for Ogre Terrain. There are existing .MAP files which are bacically an array of indexes to lookup textures to be applied to the corresponding cell of the terrain.

This worked fine with our own "roll your own" terrain system, but we have upgraded to Ogre, and it seems this system of texturing terrain is not available to us.

The shader needs to be able to support up to 64 different textures with blending, normal mapping and shadow reception.

This is a "work for hire" proposition. Rates to be discussed with qualified applicants.

Please send your replies/resumes/exmaples to chris@swuthco.com

PS. We need this functionality VERY QUICKLY, so the succesful candidate either already has a solution for this, or is capable of rolling one quickly.

As we have committed to Ogre for our our future titles, it is very possible that the successful candidate will have follow up work in the near future.

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