[PAID - short term contract] porting Ogre to Mac & Linux

A place for employers, project leaders etc to post if they are looking for people to assist with an Ogre-based project. Please only post in this area if you have a _serious_ project proposition for which you already have something to show for.
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[PAID - short term contract] porting Ogre to Mac & Linux

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We're interviewing for a short term fixed contract for proficient Ogre dev to take our Window builds (ver 1.8 and 1.9) and bring us into the land of mac and (especially) Linux

please PM me, contract opens in late April or early May

learn more about us at saberastro[dot]com

if this is your cup of tea please email me a CV, code sample, and preferred rate to info[at]saberastro[dot] com


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