Finished Project looking for Programmers to improve the game

A place for employers, project leaders etc to post if they are looking for people to assist with an Ogre-based project. Please only post in this area if you have a _serious_ project proposition for which you already have something to show for.
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Finished Project looking for Programmers to improve the game

Post by Witacha »

Hello! I have a game project that is finished but in needs of some improvement
heres a few screenshot of it


This is an online game using the free source code of an orignal game called "Impressive Title" which closed, it is using ogre and Visual Studio 2012
I am looking for Programmers who are able to add

Reflective Water
Improve the security of the game to prevent hackers

I can pay, but i'm really looking forward to someone who would work on this project with me as free as a co-owner
and will get a payment of course but not everytime (i'm not rich ^^")

Thanks in advance !

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Re: Finished Project looking for Programmers to improve the

Post by hyyou »

Hi, fellow game programmer

I am afraid that employ someone to add all features you request tend to cost you more than using a commercial game engine and then try to implement them.

Most programmer who can work for free is currently developing some his/her own personal project, and tend to be too busy to dig into your big pile of code.

Now, I will talk as if I am trying to help myself....

Collisions -> use Physic Engine like Bullet. If you want high usability of code, it is certainly not a one-month task. It is usually an essential part of a game engine that have to be developed together.
Reflective Water -> If you use ogre 2.1 and accustomed with compositor, you can do it yourself. There are a lot of threads out there.
Quests -> Probably indicate that the game engine is not good/suitable/complete enough, or you don't intend to dig deep into engine code.
Improve the security of the game to prevent hackers -> low priority?

Most features you requested seem be related to game-engine level.
Your game engine probably doesn't support what you need so well.
IMHO you have alternatives:-

1. dig down your engine code - until you find that quests is easy to add
2. write your own game engine
3. use game engine that support your game design better

The fun part of (2) is that you can understand and exploit everything.

I believe a good game engine may be what you want to obtain first.
After you have it, you can add any feature with relatively ease.

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