C++ Programmer For Mythical Realms

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C++ Programmer For Mythical Realms

Post by Furrest »

Hello everyone I'm Furrest and it's great to chat with ya! I'm in need of an advanced c++ programmer for my open source server. If you're interested in helping me out please PM me and I will get back to you asap or visit the game forum I will reply to you faster. mythical-realms.freeforums.net

Thank you!!


What is your server exactly?

Mythical Realms is an open source server provided by KovuLKD (server is related to Feral Heart/Impressive Title). MR will have mmorpg-like features integrated in it like shops, NPCs, and quests.

Do you have a team already?

Indeed I do. I have a team of 11 members that work on textures, 3D Modeling, Maps, Particles, and light programming. (Some can do a few of those listed)

Why do you need a programmer?

Glad you asked, over on another site I have requested a commission, but this person hardly gets on and he's the only one who knows how to put a few things in that we need. I figured that if we had a pretty good programmer I could learn a bit and get some of my ideas busted out.

Will I get payed?

Errrr, no not really, BUUUT I will try to earn money from skin requests and private items in-game and I could split the pay between all of us.

What type of server is it?

Hey, if you like animal RPGs then come on over!


And here's a screenshot c:

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