[Paid] Help with some material code

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[Paid] Help with some material code

Post by LDAsh »

I'm not really a programmer and I'm getting desperate, so in a last-ditch attempt to do things right I'm willing to pay (commission/contract) for a couple of jobs that, for any programmer worth a damn, should be pretty easy and quick. I'm not willing to say here how much for each job, but definitely much more than a cup of coffee, since this is pretty important to me. It will be negotiable once all of the fine details have been discussed and the code is actually looked at. Needless to say, there will not be an upfront payment and the results will be exhaustively tested before a cent goes anywhere, just to clear that up with anyone expecting otherwise.

So, the jobs...

The first and probably easiest thing is adding a scrolling animation to a normalmap section of a custom refraction material. It shares the same code as a standard material that can scroll its texture, so I doubt it would be difficult to copy+paste that into the relevant sections of the script. It's a bit beyond me, though.

Secondly, perhaps more difficult or even impossible, is to get AlphaBlend materials behaving nicely with lightmap textures overlayed. Currently everything I've tried is giving me glitchy results, in that some surfaces are becoming brighter/darker based on location and viewing angle. Not every surface does this, so I've convinced myself there is a solution, but I feel like I'm going around in circles with different methods. This would involve knowledge of GL blending techniques and general rendering side of things. I've read posts in this forum concerning this, possibly, but still beating my head against the wall even after following a bunch of suggestions.

So, please reply to this thread or PM me if you're capable and interested in helping out. Thanks! :)

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Re: [Paid] Help with some material code

Post by rakeshj »

Hi LDAsh,

I think, I can help you with your task.

Thank you,
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