Lounge Rules - READ! [UPDATED 12 Jan 2010]

A place for Ogre users to discuss non-Ogre subjects with friends from the community.
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Lounge Rules - READ! [UPDATED 12 Jan 2010]

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Update 12 Jan 2010: Due to a minority who were unable to remain calm, civil & respectful to each other when discussing emotive issues, the "anything goes" policy on this board has hereby been revoked. From now on, inflammatory subject matter such as politics, religeon, cultural differences is banned from this forum. Moderators are hereby empowered to delete all such topics with no notice even before they flare up.

I'd have hoped that in a community of intelligent adults, our universal "be polite and respectful, regardless of subject" rule would have been enough so we could discuss any issue calmly. That view has been conclusively and disappointingly proven wrong by experience, and so from now on, these subjects are off-limits.

End Update

Here in the lounge, the normal rules of staying on-topic (ie about Ogre) are relaxed. However, it's important to note that none of the other rules of the forum are in any way affected by this.

Most importantly, you must observe the following:

1. Be polite and respectful at all times. Personal attacks of any form will not be tolerated.
2. Unnecessary profanity is not allowed.
3. Flame wars over any subject will be locked. By all means debate intelligently, but if at any point it comes down to mud-slinging without any rational points being made, it'll be shut down.
4. Inflammatory subject matter such as politics, religeon, cultural differences is not allowed
5. No advertising. Ad posts will be deleted without notification.
6. Please stick to English on these forums - we can't moderate non-English posts and you'll get the largest response that way anyway.
7. Don't post angry. If something has annoyed you and you feel the need to retort: don't. Take a while, calm down and post when you're more able to be civil.