Making of Ogre, Blender, PhysX/ODE, etc a real engine

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Making of Ogre, Blender, PhysX/ODE, etc a real engine

Post by aziraphale »

Greatings every one :D. I was messing around with Ogre, blender and all the stuff in order to try to create a little game, just for fun. But it is absolutely awful. Let me explain. I must admit, I'm a noob with Ogre. Yet, I still can do some things with it, like the animation with the robot, etc.
Although, I hoped, as OGRE was an open source rendering engine and had a great comunity(seriously, I do belive it:D), that someone would have made of it an engine with all the extensions (sound, network, phisical engine, and all the stuff).
Of course, I know that it is just a render engine, but yet, I saw they were some exporters from blender to OGRE, and from OGRE to Blender, warppers to integrate sound, the Ageia physX engine, etc :( .

I must admit, "I had a dream", where such an engine was giving everyone the capability of creating games or everything he imagined, without pain and suffer :lol: . Garage games could rise again, and we know it is possible, with technologies opened to every one and internet.Well of course, I know about the neoaxis Engine, and all but, listen...
I thought of Blender, in witch you could set every thing of the level: the starting point, creating entitys with there propertys(health, ragdoll from another window alowing you too create the PhysX skeleton, A.I., etc),the level, and skybox, and then when you press P, the exporter between Blender and OGRE is used instead of the Blender game Engine, passing the level to a pre-compiled main file of OGRE with every thing activated in it (DOF, Parallax/NormalMapping, (motion)blur, the controls, the sound, etc). The major advantage of this OGREnder(or BlendOgre :lol: ) would be his script tool. This is what realy misses the most to OGRE. Let me explain, blender already has a graphical interface to give the scenes, or the meshs scripts, trought nodes, so why not use it for the games:

->set DOF(true)
player camera ->motionBlur:true(distance:20)
->third person camera(true)

I do a right click on a "script" zone
->set zone trigger
zoneX ->if trigger == true -> spawn Y enemys Z

ObjectA -> if activated->camera move(here you create a dramatic scene)

It would be some kind Unreal Engine 3-style script tool.

here are some picks to show you how it would look like: ... ismet1.jpg ... ismet2.jpg

I do belive it sounds stupid, and I already know it is not that simple, any way, I saw amazing features created and posted on this forum, so...let me dream.
So this is what I dreamed of. If someone knows if something like that already exists, please, I'm BEGING you, tell my. Or if someone is crazy enouth to try to create it (in fact to copy past some fonctions because "almost" all of them already exists), let me know, because, I'm quite an idiot in programations, I have Ideas of gameplay, but creating such a program...I won't be able to do it at all.
I can give you more details on the features that could be implemented in it (of coursee, as an open source "engine", every one could make it progress, for the better good :D )or have ideas, go one and tell them (I most admit, I was making lyrics then explanations, sorry).

I hope someone will help me in my quest for the perfect game engine
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Post by aziraphale »

Ok, everyone. I know, it might look crazy but I'm thinking about it for quite a long time. So here is a checklist of the features that should be integrated. :twisted:

main Ogre c++ page
*texture shadows additive(great FrameRate,high customization)
as I know everything has to be done with shaders, they should be written in GLSL & HLSL
-ambiant occlusion
-depth of field
-parallax/normal mapping
-motion blur
-gausian blur
this OGRE file shoul also be able to use:
this list isn't over yet(because it is late in the night).And if after that , you do think I'm an idiot living in my dreams...then I do believe you must be right.

Tomorrow, I'll try to explain the blender's features for the engine and maybe you'll understand my "dreams"(What do you mean by let them remane dreams).

PS:Sorry but my English isn't quite good...I'm french :twisted: (-So that's why you are so stupid -What? -Nothing).
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Post by Evak »

Were already doing a lot of what your talking about with Flow. You can use 3dsmax as your modeler and Level editor or Flowed. We use a higher level language than C++ thats still fast and cross platform.

The problem with making a Game engine like Torque is that everyones needs for their game are different. And people like to work in different ways so if your not carefull you end up with a one trick pony Like Torque. Which is good at making tribes like games, but anything else is pulling teeth.

Their content pipeline is a bit of a pain, and not at all fun to use, and not very flexible without a lot of source code modifications.

Currently on the ogre front there is Neoaxis which is a nice C# game engine that may also become cross platform and avaliable for 360 if there is enough interest.

There are a few wrappers for various languages.

Were doing Flow 3D Game framework which uses a popular game dev language easy to use basic hybrid language with OO. Something that will let you prototype games and get up and running quickly.

At the end of the day doing anything well takes hard work and practice plus talent, and it's not really possible to make a general purpose engine thats flexible enough to cater to everyone.
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Post by aziraphale »

:roll: thanks. I knew from the beging it was almost impossible to hope for it...but any way. In fact, I hoped that with the script editor, people would have putted some basic fonctions on the net...
That must be a comunist dream, and we all know how it ended.
Anyway, if someone still want to know how it might look like when done... leave a message. I wont be far.
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Post by nullsquared »

Open source combination of CryEngine2, Source², Unreal Engine 3, and idTech5, HERE I COME FROM SCRATCH!!! :twisted:

... I'm sorry, but what you're describing is an impossible dream ;)
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Post by DGMurdockIII »

check this out it uses ogre
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