Convert from Poser or Daz3D to Ogre?

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Convert from Poser or Daz3D to Ogre?

Post by DJL »

I'd like to use Poser or Daz3D to create human figures in Ogre format. Are there Ogre importers for Poser, Daz 3D or the formats that they export (DAE, OBJ, FBX) ?

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Re: Convert from Poser or Daz3D to Ogre?

Post by spacegaier »

Did you check out OgreAssimp. It might offer those formats.
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Re: Convert from Poser or Daz3D to Ogre?

Post by loath »

the absolute best model conversion utility in my experience is ultimate unwrap 3d:

it costs $60 but it can convert from 100 different formats into ogre .mesh files (with a free plugin download) including dae, obj, and fbx. with unwrap, you can open ogre .mesh files directly and save them out as any other format and vice versa. for a dev, it's also really easy... i use it to resize, rescale, poly reduce models, etc.

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